Three Terraced Cottages

This is a row of three cottages, Eden (sleeps 2), Till (sleeps 4) and Tweed (sleeps 5), located on a quiet side road which leads to the river.


There is a shared back green with picnic tables, which runs the length of the cottages and provides a pleasant area to sit in and enjoy the sunshine; this however, is not fenced off from the road for smaller children.


There is ample parking to the front of each cottage.



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West Ord Farm

Mrs Carol Lang
West Ord Farm
Northumberland, UK
TD15 2XQ


+44 (0)1289 305788

+44 (0)1289 303075

Choose the cottage(s) you require for the number of people in your party:

  • Sleeps 2: Eden Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 4: Geary Shiel (by the river) and Till Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 5: South Bells Shiel (by the river) and Tweed Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 6: Shepherds Cottage (detached, quiet roadside)

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