Spring is in the air at West Ord

 Snowdrops are flowering and daffodils about to grace us with their sunny faces, and best of all the weather has picked up and we have turned the corner into Spring.West Ord is all about lambing at this time of year and the first few newborns are out in the field already. Jim and Sandy (Sarah and l too!!) are busy feeding expectant mothers and affording them the best of comforts to ensure a good outcome when the lambs are born.


We love to share the lambing shed with anyone that is interested, so if you are in need of a wee break and would like to chat and watch…and bottle feed a pet lamb if we have one at the time, come and join us for a few days, or just enjoy being around on the riverside watching all the fun and frolics of lambs in Springtime!!




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West Ord Farm

Mrs Carol Lang
West Ord Farm
Northumberland, UK
TD15 2XQ


+44 (0)1289 305788

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Choose the cottage(s) you require for the number of people in your party:

  • Sleeps 2: Eden Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 4: Geary Shiel (by the river) and Till Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 5: South Bells Shiel (by the river) and Tweed Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 6: Shepherds Cottage (detached, quiet roadside)

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