Area Attractions
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Here are some of our local attractions
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Just a small selection of local attractions to get you going.....but have a look at at our attractions page to unleash the full power of what Northumberland and the Scottish Borders area has to offer! Continue reading

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Berwick-upon-Tweed has a good selection of supermarkets: Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Co-op, M&S Simply Food. A wide range of shops, pubs and restaurants as well as a sports centre and swimming complex, cinema and arts centre. There are also a number of good country pubs serving food within easy reach of the farm. Continue reading

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We have about a mile of single bank salmon and sea trout fishing in tidal water.The water can all be waded, we don't provide a boat or a ghillie, but will point you in the right direction, as far as boundaries etc are concerned. Continue reading

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Wildlife is another speciality of ours - we can number some 70 species of birds spotted and listed recently by an interested guest, along with badgers, deer and otters, which have recently returned to the River Tweed. Continue reading

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West Ord Farm

Mrs Carol Lang
West Ord Farm
Northumberland, UK
TD15 2XQ


+44 (0)1289 305788

+44 (0)1289 303075

Choose the cottage(s) you require for the number of people in your party:

  • Sleeps 2: Eden Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 4: Geary Shiel (by the river) and Till Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 5: South Bells Shiel (by the river) and Tweed Cottage (terraced, quiet roadside)
  • Sleeps 6: Shepherds Cottage (detached, quiet roadside)

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